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The MGO is a set of essential policies, processes and requirements that guide
our daily operations and our onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration
and production activities towards achieving a very important objective: operational excellence.

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Danny Massacese

Upstream Managing Director

Message from the UMD

Pan American Energy is a company admired and respected for its values and principles, committed to operational excellence and quality while respecting the highest standards in terms of health and safety of people and the environment, and the integrity of our assets.

Our strategic vision for growth is based on continuous improvement, innovation, evolution and sustainability, which are inherent to our identity as an organization and define us as a company that is reliable and socially responsible in its relations with clients, government, partners and the communities where we operate.

This Operations Management Model (MGO) is a set of related policies, processes and requirements which leverages a common and standardized language to guide our operations systematically and efficiently.

Those of us who work in or are related to Upstream operations are responsible for complying with it.

The MGO helps us channel the passion that unites us to transform our leadership and capacity into energy to guide society to grow.

The MGO contributes to:

  • 1

    Promote the integration of all the areas of the organization sharing a common goal

  • 2

    Minimize risks incurred by staff during operations

  • 3

    Minimize environmental impact

  • 4

    Ensure asset integrity

  • 5

    Increase the reliability of operations

  • 6

    Optimize the use of resources

  • 7

    Strive to establish PAE’s credibility, reliability and project acceptance by the local communities and the society at large