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The Excellence Management Model (MGE) is a framework with a systematic and comprehensive approach to achieve high standards of effectiveness, efficiency and quality in all aspects of the organization.
The MGE consists of a set of Elements, which define the Expectations that all Upstream areas should meet. These Expectations shape the way in which we conduct business and make up our culture at Pan American Energy (PAE).

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Fausto Caretta

Upstream Managing Director

Message from the Upstream Managing Director (UMD)

We have designed and implemented a robust and efficient framework to manage Excellence in Upstream, which positions Pan American Energy as a leading company in the industry, not only because of what we do, but because of we believe. The result of these efforts is reflected in improved operational practices which protect our human capital and add value to our assets.

The challenging objective we have before us is to take the best decisions possible and implement them with optimum levels of effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring the safety of the people, the environment, and respect for all interested parties.

We need to strengthen our culture, values and sense of leadership as operators, safeguarding the quality of our strategic, tactical and operational decisions, which are based on sound criteria and analysis.

To this end, we need to reinforce our mission-critical processes and do so in an agile, flexible and effective way by using excellence as the basis to manage our projects.

Another motivating cultural process that drives our success is the way we manage knowledge to capture and maximize the valuable lessons we have gained through experience in an organized, systematic and comprehensive way.

I trust in your renewed commitment and effort to comply with, share and constantly improve our Excellent Management Model (MGE).

All those of us from the Upstream area are the key people responsible for holding Excellence in the highest regard and for the outstanding results of our operations.

Our Excellence Management Model (MGE) helps:

  • 1

    Lead the organization towards achieving its strategic objectives.

  • 2

    Use resources efficiently, to minimize environmental impact and risk management.

  • 3

    Optimize management processes so that they can be systematically integrated and sustained over time in pursuit of excellence.

  • 4

    Promote talent and the professional and personal development of our people in a positive work environment.

  • 5

    Maximize our company’s image and reputation through sustainable and socially responsible performance.