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The Excellence Management Model (MGE) is a framework with a systematic and comprehensive approach to achieve high standards of effectiveness, efficiency and quality in all aspects of the organization.
The MGE consists of a set of Elements, which define the Expectations that all Upstream areas should meet. These Expectations shape the way in which we conduct business and make up our culture at Pan American Energy (PAE).

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Danny Massacese

Upstream Managing Director

Message from the Upstream Managing Director (UMD)

As a leading energy company in Argentina and the region, we are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards in terms of health and safety of people, environmental care, efficient production, and asset protection.

We are convinced that Excellence will lead us to ongoing growth and sustainable success.

Therefore, our Operations Management Model (MGO) has evolved into our Upstream Excellence Management Model (MGE), which integrates the entire value chain and introduces the latest global trends in the energy industry, helping us become the leaders in terms of innovation and quality.

At our company, we firmly believe in the importance of human capital and effective leadership. We are proud of being a flexible, agile, and leading organization that quickly adapts to changes. The characteristics inherent in our culture define us as a company that is reliable and socially responsible in its relationships with clients, government, partners, and the communities where we operate.

To achieve our excellence goals, it is crucial that each of us is deeply committed and firmly determined to comply with and enforce the MGE principles, in addition to reinforcing it in all Upstream areas.

We take pride in bearing the fruit of our efforts to do things right. Excellence is our flagship concept and our strongest value, and it encourages us to transform our leadership and capacity into energy to help society grow.

Our Excellence Management Model (MGE) helps:

  • 1

    Lead the organization towards achieving its strategic objectives.

  • 2

    Use resources efficiently, to minimize environmental impact and risk management.

  • 3

    Optimize management processes so that they can be systematically integrated and sustained over time in pursuit of excellence.

  • 4

    Promote talent and the professional and personal development of our people in a positive work environment.

  • 5

    Maximize our company’s image and reputation through sustainable and socially responsible performance.