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Refinery and sales of fuels and lubricants


We distribute top-quality fuels produced with state-of-the-art technology

We refine oil and commercialize fuels, lubricants and other specialty products under our AXION energy brand in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, through more than 740 service stations located in these three countries.
Our refinery in Campana, located 80 km away to the north of the City of Buenos Aires, has a production capacity of 4.5 million m3 per year of petroleum products.

The refinery complies with the most stringent international standards in terms of processing crude and transforming into petrol, diesel oil, jet fuel, petrochemical products and other petroleum products, which we distribute and commercialize in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

We undertook the largest refining investment project of the last 30 years in Argentina, to increase production capacity of fuels by 60% and further improve its quality by reducing its sulphur contents.

We produce different types of fuels to meet our customer's needs.

With 98 octanes and no metal-base fuel additives, this fuel cleans the vital parts of the engine, such as fuel injectors and gas admission valves. AXION Super (95 octanes, free of metal-based fuel additives) also offers these same advantages.


It protects the gas feeding, injection and treatment, thus extending the engine’s operating life and preserving the environment.

Euro + Diésel

With a high-octane number, an advanced cleaning formula, and ultra-low sulphur content, this type of fuel has been designed to avoid loss of power resulting from accumulation of particulate matter and it is compatible with Euro 5 Emissions Standard.

We produce a wide variety of Castrol brand lubricants for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and fleet, as well as for the industrial, maritime, and oil & gas industries.
Service stations
We commercialize fuels, lubricants and other specialty petroleum products through more than 740 service stations operating under the AXION energy brand distributed in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Find the nearest service station (*) by clicking here.

(*) Some service stations may still show the Esso brand.

Chemical products
We produce and commercialize aliphatic petroleum solvents and olefins for the petrochemical industry.

These chemical products can be used as raw material for certain specific processes or as part of a final product produced by our clients.
Other products
In our refinery in Campana, besides producing fuels, lubricants and chemical products, we also produce propellants, asphalt concrete base and coke, used by different industries to produce their specific products.
We have implemented our new AXION energy AGRO network since 2017. This network meets the needs for diesel fuel and lubricants of individual agricultural producers and SMEs from the agricultural sector.
We provide passenger and cargo transportation using top-quality diesel fuels. To provide further support to this industry, we have also developed AXION card for fleets: the card offers the transportation company/ owner a system to manage their purchase of fuels and other products in our service stations, thus simplifying fleet administration and control.
We satisfy our industrial customers’ needs in terms of demand for fuels and lubricants, which we supply by truck or ship, depending on the type of fuel and/or the logistics available at the dispatch/shipping terminals located in the Argentine cities of Campana, Bahía Blanca and San Lorenzo.
We commercialize jet fuel for international airlines at the main airports in Argentina and Uruguay.
We meet the needs of maritime companies through an ample network of ports and terminals.