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| 05/12/2016
Celebrating its 11th anniversary, PAE SMEs Program ratified its commitment to local businesses and entrepreneurs
In 2016, 175 training, counselling and technical assistance sessions were offered through 15 San Jorge Gulf local institutions.

Set on strengthening and developing entrepreneurs and businesses in the San Jorge Gulf area, PAE SMEs Program’s 11th year has come to a highly productive end: over 41,490 hours of training were offered through 175 courses, training sessions, assistance sessions and activities with more than 2,800 local businesspeople and entrepreneurs taking part.


Notable training areas offered by the SME Program in 2016 included: Training of Environmental Auditors, Management Control, Surface Corrosion and Protection, Waste Management, Communication, Performance Assessment, Sales Techniques, Customer Service, Company Collaboration, Bargaining, Safety, Marketing, IT and Welding.


All activities were developed jointly with prestigious local institutions working together with PAE on its SMEs Program, such as Development Agencies; the municipalities of Comodoro Rivadavia, Rada Tilly and Sarmiento; local consulting firms such as Jammet, Management Patagonia, Ambiente Global, VS Talent, Infotec, Serial de la Torre, Rodrigo Coria, Sigma, Gemest and Selecta; and entities such as UNPSJB, INTI, IRAM, INTA and Escuela de Negocios IDEA.


Training initiatives have aimed at meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf area. PAE SMEs Program is thus ready to make new proposals for companies offering different products and services that create value for the hydrocarbon industry as well as others. The program is likewise developing a myriad activities in southern Chubut, northern Santa Cruz, Neuquén and Salta.


Moreover, thanks to Garantizar SGR, the Program has continued to finance local entrepreneurial projects through the lending and collateral system.


From PAE, the Head of the SMEs Program, Mario Perón, remarked, "This year we’ve followed on the road towards consolidating our commitment to local SMEs and entrepreneurs through concrete actions. Training, assistance and development activities are up by 20% from 2015."


Perón highlighted, "As for Company-based Assistance, this year 35 SMEs were given assistance so that their management indicators would improve in connection with occupational safety and health, environment, quality, enhanced productivity, human resources and the 5S-Kaizen system."


Accompanying Comodoro initiatives


PAE SMEs Program has also participated in important initiatives for the development of local entrepreneurs. These include: Emprender Chubut 2016 (June), in Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly; and the 2016 Edition of the Myama Awards (July-October), in Comodoro Rivadavia, Rada Tilly, Sarmiento, Trelew, Madryn and Neuquén. The winners from the Patagonia region took part in the National Finals held in the City of Buenos Aires on November 8th. An entrepreneur from Puerto Madryn has won the National Finals and will therefore participate in the Taller de Emprendedores Sociales de Latinoamérica VIVA 2017, to be held in Central America.


Plans for 2017


As regards activities for next year, Perón underscored, "We have already begun to work on our plans for 2017. During the III Expo Industrial, Comercial y de Innovación Tecnológica, held in Comodoro Rivadavia between November 24th and 27th, an agreement was signed by PAE, INTI and Agencia Comodoro Conocimiento to provide assistance for IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY to SMEs supplying products and services to the Gulf area. We are also defining topics for our next training sessions and deciding on our future assistance programs."


Individuals or companies interested in taking part in the activities should write to Activities are free for SMEs and entrepreneurs but attendance is limited. Prior enrollment is therefore mandatory.


Martín Ancarola

Albertina Pugliese

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