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Comodoro Rivadavia | 03/09/2017
PAE inaugurates a state-of-the-art cyber drilling simulator
The equipment involved an investment exceeding 2 million dollars. It is the only simulator of its kind in the country and it simulates “almost real” drilling operating conditions at Cerro Dragón.

Pan American Energy (PAE) has inaugurated a cyber simulator that faithfully recreates the multiple operating scenarios of drilling operations in a controlled, "almost real" environment. Using this state-of-the-equipment, the only simulator of its kind in the country, the company seeks to strengthen the efficiency and safety standards at Cerro Dragón.

The cyber simulator, model DRILLSIM 600, helps standardize well development processes; identify and assess associated risks; accelerate the learning process; and generate the right conditions for the transfer of knowledge within the company. The simulator is a replica of the four semi-automatic drilling equipment pieces that PAE added to the operations at Golfo San Jorge in 2014. The DRILLISM 600 joins the DS 500 simulator, located at the company's Well Control School, and positions PAE ahead of the other operators in Latin America.

The Energy Learning Center (ELC), PAE's corporate university that delivers training in-company and at the best universities in the country, promoted the arrival of the cyber simulator installed in PAE's premises in Comodoro Rivadavia. The ELC aims to foster the acquisition of knowledge about different specializations across the entire PAE workforce.

"In the oil and gas industry, there are countless situations that force the driller to make quick decisions. Therefore, the education based on simulators is essential to understand how reservoirs work," remarked Danny Massacese, COO at Pan American Energy. Massacese also noted, "for more than half a century we have been committed to Golfo San Jorge", and said that the simulator "represents an investment of more than 2 million dollars on top of the 100 million dollars already invested to purchase the four semi-automatic drilling equipment in 2014."

By purchasing the cyber simulator, PAE reinforces its commitment to the development of the region and the training of its professionals, and it does so by fostering operational behaviors that comply with the most stringent standards, focused on people's safety and the care for the environment.


Martín Ancarola

Albertina Pugliese

Angie Giacchetta

Francisco Jamardo