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Comodoro Rivadavia | 17/04/2016
New Teachers in Santa Cruz Complete the Academic Refresher Graduate Program offered by PAE through UdeSA
In a moving graduation ceremony, 43 teachers received their Certificates

Pan American Energy (PAE) is proud to report that, within the framework of the "Comprehensive Support Program for Education" that the company promotes in Golfo San Jorge, the second group of teachers that completed the Academic Refresher Graduate Program delivered by Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA) in Santa Cruz between 2014 and 2015 received their official certificates during the graduation ceremony.


At the event, 43 teachers from Caleta Olivia, Pico Truncado and Koluel Kayke received the diploma that officially certifies they completed the "Academic Refresher Graduate Course: New Challenges for Teachers". The teachers were accompanied by their families.


The graduate teachers from Pico Truncado were Raquel Alvarez, Darío Arabel, Romina Arévalo, Mariana Astrada, Andrea Bagoros, Natalia Boto, Valeria Carrasco, Nora Díaz, Valeria Espinosa, Maria Fernanda Franco, Daniela Gaia, Betiana Gómez, Analía Gonzalo, David Lepicheo, Maria Fernanda Margaría, Roxana Molina, Liliana Montoya, Camila Nieto, Claudia Robledo, Shirley Sachetto, Olga Salazar, María Eugenia Sosa, Romina Toranzos, Romina Varas del Valle, and Norma Velázquez.


The graduate teachers from Caleta Olivia were Teresita Aybar, Romina Balod, Jessica Bori, Laura Cerimedo, Carolina Cerimedo, Ximena Espinosa, Alcira Godoy, Lisa Grau, Alejandra Martínez, Cintia Martins, Marcela Mendez, Cintia Olmos, Maria José Ormeño, Lorena Sandoval, Nilda Toledo, Maria Lorena Urrutia, Mirta Paillaman, and Romina Pavez.


The Program was developed by academic experts from Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA) based on an agreement signed with the Provincial Education Council at Santa Cruz. The course was organized in 16 meetings. During the course, the participants had the chance to attend different workshops on writing, analysis of the current situation in education, new strategies and approaches in teaching, education and technology, and conflict resolution at school, among others.


The Program’s Coordinator, Diana Jarvis, highlighted the teachers’ commitment and noted "it is a pleasure to come to cities like Pico Truncado and Caleta Olivia, where teachers who want to improve and keep updated do not always have the chance. During this year and a half we have worked with wonderful people and we have helped them commit even more and helped them take to their classrooms innovation, new ways of thinking and new ways to coordinate the work at the different levels in the educational system. I believe this is a great chance for education and I am convinced we need to keep working in this type of programs, where the focus is on updated contents and approaches, creativity and reflection on practice."


On behalf of the teachers, Alejandra Martínez observed "this was an invaluable experience for us. We would not have been able to do this course without PAE. This is why I would like to thank them and to ask them to continue betting on education, to continue investing in the values that will really help train good, honorable citizens.  I ask them continue developing top-quality activities with Universidad San Andrés, and keep improving the educational practices implemented."


Silvia Barragán, from Institutional Relations at PAE, noted: "this is the second group of graduates from Santa Cruz. We are immensely proud of these students, who gave their best and reached the goal they set themselves when they started. The Program is very demanding and all the students have made a great effort to be here today. The support this activity has received encourages us to continue working along the same lines."


With these programs, PAE seeks to strengthen its commitment to the communities where it operates by offering teachers new academic training opportunities.


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