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Comodoro Rivadavia | 17/02/2016
PAE’s SMEs Program launches its 2016 activities with a training session on self-leadership
The training session will be organized with the self-governing entity Comodoro Conocimiento and will be delivered by Jammet Consultora and Serial de la Torre, at the local Exhibition and Conference Center

​As a way to strengthen its commitment to the companies and entrepreneurs in Golfo San Jorge, PAE’s SMEs Program is ready to launch its 2016 activities in the province of Chubut and the northern area of Santa Cruz. The company will offer innovative training and assistance proposals for the small and medium-sized companies in the region.
Once again, the Program will be supported by different strategic partners. On this occasion, the Comodoro Conocimiento Agency, Jammet Consultora and Serial de la Torre will be partnering with PAE for a top quality kick-off meeting next Friday, March 4th, at the Comodoro Rivadavia Exhibition and Conference Center, from 9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM.
The event will involve a training session on self-leadership called “Creating my best version”, which will be delivered by Sandra Munk, a specialist in Psychology, Coaching and Mediation. The activity focuses on transformational learning through games, so that the participants can discover their real potential, overcome their fears and solve conflicts by adapting to change.
María Laura Panizzo, from the Training Department at Jammet, thanked “the trust the SMEs Program places in our services. The fact that they continue to choose us to deliver training makes us very proud and it forces us to search for more innovative proposals.”
Panizzo highlighted the fact that “training that is delivered using games, in a relaxed atmosphere, where people can role-play situations and have fun, encourages a positive attitude towards learning and the development of new behavior patterns. These new experiences, whether first hand or through second-hand observations, open participants to new attitudes and new perspectives.  This year, we suggest sharing a day filled with activities that are both fun and challenging, which will allow the teams to acquire different tools that will help them stay both focused and motivated.”
In 2016, PAE SMEs Program plans to organize approximately 90 training activities in different fields, activities that will reach more than 2600 people and will include more than 25,000 training hours.
Among its varied training proposals, PAE SMEs Program offers: Business Coaching, Situational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence at Work, Communication, IT, Quality Management and Control, Sales Techniques and Customer Service.
All the activities are developed and coordinated with the Development Agencies from the municipalities of Comodoro Rivadavia, Rada Tilly, Caleta Olivia, Sarmiento and Pico Truncado; the Science and Innovative Production Department; the local Industry Ministries; different universities, agencies such as INTI, IRAM, INTA, IDEA School of Business and FEPA (Foundation for Businesses in Patagonia); and local consultancy companies such as Management Patagonia, VS Talent, Patagonia Resources, Infotec, Serial de la Torre, Rodrigo Coria Quintana, and Events from Young Entrepreneurs in Patagonia.
In this way, PAE SMEs Program seeks to meets its objectives of delivering training, promoting business partnerships, developing an SMEs network, achieving product and service substitution with local developments and, finally, diversifying industrial production.
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