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Comodoro Rivadavia | 25/06/2018
More than 300 Sports Coordinators from Comodoro and Rada Tilly Continue their Training in Substance Abuse Prevention
The activity is part of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program that Pan American Energy implements alongside Nuevo Comodoro Fundación.

As a way to show their support to International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Pan American Energy (PAE) and Nuevo Comodoro Foundation continue working to prevent drug consumption. The Substance Abuse Prevention Program that both entities have implemented in Comodoro Rivadavia and the region since 2014 is now being replicated in the province of Neuquén.

In this sense, our city is now delivering a cycle of prevention training sessions to more than 330 Physical Education teachers and sports coaches and coordinators; a project that was jointly developed by the Comodoro Sports Department and the Sports Department at Rada Tilly. The Substance Abuse Program, which for the past two years has had the Community Prevention Network at its core, is now forging strategic alliances with the Health Department and the Education Ministry from the province of Chubut and, for the second consecutive year, with Comodoro's Police Force.

The activities are part of the 2018 edition of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program, which includes training sessions and workshops for those institutions that wish to promote universal prevention. During the first half of this year, based on a specific request from the Comodoro Sports Department and the Sports Department at Rada Tilly, a training seminar on prevention was delivered to more than 330 sports coordinators. During the meetings, the prevention experts assigned to each workshop shared tools to help citizens become responsible adults in their community and incorporate prevention into their daily lives and small interventions.

There are 14 prevention experts that deliver the workshops and talks each week in different institutions in Comodoro, Rada Tilly and Sarmiento, a city that this year joined the project through representatives from the City Council, the local Army, secondary schools, the local hospital, neighborhood organizations, clubs, the Catholic and Evangelical communities, and the Rights Protection Service.

In this same vein, the company is working together with the Health and Sports Departments at Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly, the Education Ministry, the local Police Force, the Neighborhood Councils, the Diocese and Scouts groups to design plans and establish the relevant approaches based on each institution's needs.

More Initiatives

This year, against the framework of the FIFA World Cup, Nuevo Comodoro Foundation joined the project with prevention messages that were broadcast by members of the Network themselves and disseminated through social media. "We think this global celebration is the perfect time to promote prevention. We wanted to share the importance of watching the national team play with our families and friends, but always celebrate in a healthy way."

The Community Prevention Network will be expanding this year to the city of Sarmiento and developing even more initiatives in Rada Tilly, replicating the workshops and training sessions on universal prevention in those institutions that wish to do so.  The Network gathers 14 Substance Abuse Prevention Experts who graduated from the courses given by Nuevo Comodoro Foundation and who, in 2017, delivered workshops and talks about prevention in different institutions. About 304 training activities and workshops were organized in 76 different institutions from Comodoro and Rada Tilly, and the initiative reached approximately 14,600 people either directly or indirectly.

Train and Act

The Foundation and Pan American Energy deploy the Substance Abuse Prevention Program to establish a local base of trained leaders who understand how to address the problem of substance abuse and have the necessary skills to promote networking between institutions.  To this end, from 2014 until 2017, more than 110 Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistants and more than 80 Substance Abuse Prevention Experts graduated from the courses delivered.

In 2017, the decision was made to set up a Community Prevention Network with some selected graduates who would work under the supervision of a local team and a group of teachers from the Asistencia de Desórdenes de la Conducta (Assistance to Behavior Disorders) Foundation. Also, 25 officers from Comodoro's Police Force and Rada Tilly's Neighborhood Watch were trained in "Community Prevention Tasks."


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