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Comodoro Rivadavia | 21/06/2016
More than 4500 teenagers benefit from the Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign promoted by PAE
The initiative has been under implementation for a month.

The Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign conducted by Pan American Energy (PAE) together with the Education Ministry from Chubut, the Nuevo Comodoro Foundation and Foro 21 has already reached more than 4,500 children during its first month of implementation in secondary schools from Comodoro Rivadavia y Rada Tilly.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about substance and alcohol consumption among teenagers by means of didactic games that link theoretical knowledge with personal experience. Its implementation in different schools is coordinated by a team comprised of a representative from FORO 21, a Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistant and a Substance Abuse Prevention Expert, both of whom were trained with the Substance Abuse Prevention Program that has been conducted since 2014 by Nuevo Comodoro Foundation and PAE, among others.

Up to now, more than 85 workshops have been organized for teenagers from first, second and third year in secondary school. One of the teachers from Provincial School 766 Perito Moreno, Ariel Chaleb, remarked, “The workshop is important because after attending it students continue to ask questions in the classroom. There were moments that gave rise to reflection, and you could see their perspective and their comments starting to change.” Ana Pizzarro, a teacher from School 746, agreed, and stated, “The workshop is just a starting point; the students discussed the topic in depth and this will allow them to address the issue more confidently. Questions are asked and concerns are raised, all of which is extremely positive.”

Meanwhile, María Alejandra Tejada, a teacher focused on Orientation from School 711, noted that «students will be able to reflect on the topic because this is something they’re forced to confront regularly and they need to be aware of the problem of substance abuse. The workshop is important to discuss the issue in depth; teenagers need a fertile context in which they can engage in dialogue.”

From FORO 21, PAE’s technical partner for program implementation, Project Leader Mauro Ruffino stated, “We are very pleased with the program’s reception in schools and the feedback from school directors, teachers and students. The resources we use in the workshops grab participants’ attention and they can identify with what we show them. This is a very important step in opening channels for reflection and discussion for students at school. The experience has encouraged us to continue working in new programs and activities that help raise awareness and find possible solutions to problems faced by teenagers and the society in general.”

Agustina Zenarruza, from Institutional Relations at Pan American Energy, stated “this campaign allows us to work in a virtual circle that we created three years ago together with Nuevo Comodoro Foundation. To implement this initiative we are working with Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistants and Substance Abuse Prevention Experts that were trained with the Substance Abuse Prevention Program. By coordinating our work with public and private institutions and the civil society, we are able to use a comprehensive approach to address the issue of substance abuse and thus implement our training, prevention and dissemination actions in different environments. We are extremely pleased with the impact the initiative has had in schools.”

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