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Comodoro Rivadavia | 28/11/2018
More than 100 people graduate from the courses delivered by PAE’s SMEs Program through the British Hospital
The training proposals have the support from the Municipality of Comodoro Rivadavia and San Juan Bosco National University of Patagonia.

More than 100 people completed the second edition of the courses delivered by Nursing Specialists from the British Hospital in Comodoro Rivadavia and obtained their graduation certificates. Training courses "Ward Assistant", "Training for Hospital Orderlies", "Geriatric Assistant" and "CPR and First Aid" were delivered at Neighborhood Association Standard Norte, located at KM 8. Three months ago, the same courses were delivered in José Fuchs Neighborhood, which also saw high levels of community participation where participation from the local community was also high.

These training proposals – promoted by PAE's SMEs Program through PESCAR Foundation, the Municipality of Comodoro Rivadavia and San Juan Bosco National University of Patagonia (UNPSJB) – were developed to provide the opportunity for participants to obtain their first job, and to promote training in primary healthcare. The courses also aim to provide participants with the specific knowledge and tools that will enable them to obtain better employment opportunities in healthcare environments.

Participants were trained in both theoretical concepts and practical applications. "We are very pleased with the results obtained. Both the attendees' commitment and active participation in the different meetings was essential to the success of the initiative," noted Teresa Gómez, Head of the Nursing School at the British Hospital in Comodoro.

After completing the training, the participants evaluated the experience. Sergio Almirón, one of the participants in the "Training for Hospital Orderlies", highlighted "the quality of the teachers and the number and variety of topics covered. The experience was really good; there is a real need for training in healthcare. I personally believe that the knowledge I acquired will certainly be an added bonus for my CV."

Meanwhile, Julio César Pérez, who graduated from the "Geriatric Assistant" course, remarked, "the course was really innovative, and very productive. They taught us very important principles that we can apply when providing care to senior citizens. The trainers were all excellent and they made us realize the importance of taking into account every single detail. I would like a second round of the course to always be up to date and preserve what we have learnt."

Cristian Lemos, who took part in the "CPR and First Aid" course, delivered by UNPSJB said, "It was a really good experience; I had previous knowledge but this course was really thorough. The trainer supported us throughout the program. I am really pleased with the results." 

From PAE,  Juan Crespo, the coordinator of the company's SMEs Program, emphasized the importance of coordinating the public and private sectors and pointed out, "Thanks to the joint efforts by the Health Department from the Municipality, Comodoro Conocimiento Self-Governing Entity, the University of San Juan Bosco and its Academic Outreach Department and the Nursing Department from the School of Natural Sciences and Health Sciences, all of which were brought together under the general coordination of the PESCAR Foundation and the Neighborhood Council, the community's participation and commitment exceeded all our expectations."

About PAE'S SMEs Program

Since 2005, PAE'S SMEs Program has been organizing sustainable activities that promote the social and economic development of the regions located close to their operations. It has done so by helping entrepreneurs adopt a more professional approach to their business ventures, certify their processes and develop their products and services, providing them with training and technological, industrial, commercial and financial consultancy services. With these initiatives, PAE contributes to complying with the different Sustainable Development Goals.


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