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Comodoro Rivadavia | 29/06/2016
PAE continues to support public healthcare professionals by offering training proposals
The company promotes the strengthening of doctors’ and nurses’ competencies

By way of a strategic agreement signed between Universidad Austral and Pan American Energy (PAE), a group of teachers from the Biomedical Sciences College will deliver a Training Program for Nurses from the Regional Hospital and Hospital Alvear in Comodoro Rivadavia.

The training seeks to provide nurses with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies that will help them recognize the latent risks of nursing, implement concrete measures for improvement and develop effective leadership skills that will in turn help them provide more effective, risk-free care to their patients. 

In the third module, participants addressed the following topics:
Safety Leadership and Safety Culture. Leadership Vision. Change in a Leader’s Culture.
Psychological Approach to Leadership: Boss vs. Leader, tolerance to frustration, mental models, communication.
Personality Styles and Strategic Partnerships. Impact of the generation gap.
Indicators of a patient’s safety. Monitoring and Improvement.
Risk Management.

The course was coordinated by María Malinda Martínez, M.A., who remarked “nurse leaders play a key role in creating positive work environments that consistently provide safe and high-quality appropriate care. To be successful in today’s complex healthcare institutions, a specific set of competencies and skills is required. We aim to train professionals to turn them into leaders.”

Once the Course was completed, Rault Hinny, from the Regional Hospital, highlighted “the teachers’ warmth and proficiency, their capacity to reach the group and participants’ engagement in all the activities deployed. The teaching strategies used were fantastic and worthy of being replicated by us, future trainers of our peers.”  Hinny also noted the chance to share this course with staff from other institutions, “We continued our mission of incorporating the Alvear Hospital and the external department to the initiative, and this has become quite productive in that the benefits can be shared with many other areas. We would like to thank both PAE and Universidad Austral for their willingness to offer us the possibility to continue our professional development.”

Training in NLP

Within the framework of their Education and Culture Program, Pan American Energy (PAE) also promotes a course on “Neurolinguistic Programming and Ontological Coaching” for public healthcare professionals in Comodoro Rivadavia. The course is delivered by VS TALENT Consulting Company and provides innovative communication tools based on emotional intelligence that may be applied to the day-to-day interactions among medical professionals and between them and the patients they care for.

More than 40 healthcare professionals from the Regional Hospital, Hospital Alvear, Área Programática Sur and Primary Healthcare Centers attended the training course. The initiative seeks to help professionals develop the attitudes, skills and competencies they need to face the challenges posed by their work environment more effectively, especially given the high demands and the lack of resources, among other critical factors.

Funcei in Caleta Olivia and in Comodoro Rivadavia

The Foundation of the Center for Infectology Research Studies (FUNCEI) continues to offer training seminars on hospital-acquired infections prevention and treatment in the Hospital Zonal Caleta Olivia and in the Regional Hospital from Comodoro Rivadavia.
 The initiative is part of the Program to Help Improve Control of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) that the company has implemented in the region through FUNCEI and with the support from the Health Ministry of Chubut for the third consecutive year.

From the Department of Institutional Relations at PAE, Horacio Barragán noted “the joint efforts made by the public and private institutions involved maximizes the results; this partnership results in concrete benefits for the entire community.  This Program provides healthcare professionals with the necessary update on relevant issues without the need to leave their place of work, since the training is provided by specialists from FUNCEI on site, taking into account the context in each institution.”


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