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Comodoro Rivadavia | 15/05/2016
Pan American Energy presents its new University Scholarship Program in Golfo San Jorge
Twenty scholarships were awarded to students from UNPSJB and UNPAuaCO who have a high grade- point average and are pursuing higher education studies related to the oil and gas industry

To show its renewed commitment to Education and Culture in the communities where the company operates, and focused on the future and the training of the young people in the region, Pan American Energy (PAE) was pleased to present the 20 (twenty) students who have been selected to receive a scholarship within the framework of the “University and Technical Degree Scholarship Program” that the company promotes and sponsors in the Golfo San Jorge region together with Fundación Cimientos.
The 2016 scholarship recipients are 13 students from the National University Patagonia San Juan Bosco (UNPSJB) and 7 students from the National University from Patagonia Austral (UNPA), who were selected after an extensive evaluation process that started by the end of 2015 and concluded in March this year.
The selection committees compromised representatives from PAE, authorities from the participating Universities and representatives from Fundación Cimientos, who conducted a thorough evaluation of all the candidates, taking into account academic and social and economic considerations. Given the result of the evaluations and the excellent profile of the candidates, PAE decided to add 5 (five) more scholarship recipients.
The youth that will join the community of recipients of the PAE scholarship are:
Aldana Rocío Avecilla, Comodoro Rivadavia (Geology, UNPSJB) 
Yamir Omar Balsamello, Comodoro Rivadavia (Petroleum Engineering, UNPSJB)
Dante Alberto Barrera, Caleta Olivia (Technical Degree in Petroleum, UNPA)
Agustín Belén Cárdenas , Comodoro Rivadavia (Geology, UNPSJB)
Israel Mario Andrés Consiglio, Comodoro Rivadavia (Electronic Engineering, UNPSJB)
Oriana Jimena Gumiel, Comodoro Rivadavia (Geology, UNPSJB)
Lourdes Juarez, Comodoro Rivadavia (Geology, UNPSJB)
Nelson Alejandro Kuc, Caleta Olivia (Electromechanical Engineering, UNPA)
Nicolás  Maglione, Caleta Olivia (Technical Degree in Petroleum, UNPA)
Sol Micaela Maldonado Betanzo, Comodoro Rivadavia (Electronic Engineering, UNPSJB)
Kevin Lautaro Nahuelfil,  Comodoro Rivadavia (Geology, UNPSJB) 
Nelson Facundo Nova,  Comodoro Rivadavia (Petroleum Engineering UNPSJB)
 Jonathan David Sandoval, Comodoro Rivadavia (Chemical Engineering, UNPSJB)
Franco Gastón Scalzi Albanesi, Comodoro Rivadavia (Industrial Engineering, UNPSJB)
Franco Ezequiel Soto, Caleta Olivia (Technical Degree in Petroleum, UNPA)
Giselle Dorotea Suarez, Caleta Olivia  (Technical Degree in Petroleum, UNPA)
Lucas Emilio Villarroel, Comodoro Rivadavia (Electronic Engineering, UNPSJB)
Leonela Villarroel, Caleta Olivia (Technical Degree in Petroleum, UNPA)
Germán Daniel Villavicencio, Comodoro Rivadavia (Petroleum Engineering, UNPSJB)
Esteban Daniel Alejandro Vilte, Caleta Olivia (Electromechanical Engineering, UNPA)

Gastón Malbos, the Institutional Relations Manager at Pan American Energy, welcomed the students and noted, “Pan American is really proud to present this Program and our scholarship recipients. Behind each of these students, there is a story of effort, commitment and personal self-improvement, and we are pleased to be able to support them along this path they have chosen. These scholarships mean we are committed to the future of the region and we trust these young men and women will play a central role in that future. We seek to maximize their potential, contribute to their education and help them graduate.”

The University and Technical Degree Scholarship Program is part of PAE’s Comprehensive Support to Education Program, which aims to facilitate access to, permanence in and completion of university or higher education technical courses to those students who have a high grade-point average but lack the financial resources to afford the studies they wish to pursue. The scholarship pays for a year of studies and can be renewed on the basis of the academic results achieved.

The 2016 edition of the Program goes beyond the traditional view of a scholarship as mere financial support; instead, it encompasses a well-rounded education program that will underpin the students’ future professional performance. The program aims to provide students with:
Personalized support through a tutor
English language training
Supplementary training sessions

PAE’s University and Technical Degree Scholarship Program was created in 2003 and focuses on students that wish to pursue higher education studies related to the oil and gas industry in different locations and Public Universities from the provinces of Santa Cruz and Chubut. The initiative has already reached more than 150 students in the region and several of them have graduated as Engineers in different fields, including Information Systems.
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