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Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut | 04/09/2018
Prevention of addictions
More than 1870 teenagers benefit from the Third Edition of the Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign that PAE promotes in secondary schools

More than 38 workshops were organized in August and September with students from the first three years of secondary education.

For the third consecutive year, Pan American Energy (PAE) has implemented a Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign in secondary schools in the cities of Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly, working alongside the Education Ministry of the Province of Chubut, Nuevo Comodoro Foundation and Foro 21. More than 1870 students from 8 schools have already benefitted from the workshop "Yo elijo ser responsable" (I choose to be responsible.)

The campaign aims to raise awareness about substance and alcohol consumption among teenagers by means of didactic games that link theoretical knowledge with personal experience.

With a similar approach to the one used in the "Choose your Own Adventure" gamebooks, the students role-play different situations that could take place before a night out with their friends. This way, by presenting them with actual scenarios, they can decide what to do. For example: "You are at home alone with your friends and you find your dad´s whisky. What do you do?"

The activity is aimed not only at raising awareness about alcohol or drug consumption but also about the decisions the teenagers make and the responsibility they have in each case. 

Its implementation in different schools is coordinated by a team comprised of a representative from FORO 21, a Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistant and a Substance Abuse Prevention Expert, both of whom were trained with the Substance Abuse Prevention Program that has been conducted since 2014 by Nuevo Comodoro Foundation and PAE.

More than 38 workshops in 8 schools were organized for teenagers from first, second and third year in secondary school.

From FORO 21, PAE's technical partner for program implementation, Project Florencia Bernachia Leader Mauro Ruffino stated, "the experience with the program is very good; this initiative gives students the chance to talk freely, obtain information and ask questions, a chance that they cannot find anywhere else. It is also important that the kids can act as a bridge between this project and their families, that they share with them what they see here, and that there is room for reflection and discussion not only at school but also at home."

Meanwhile, Juan Taccari, from Institutional Relations at Pan American Energy, stated, "This campaign allows us to work in the virtual circle that we created five years ago together with Nuevo Comodoro Foundation. To implement this initiative, we are working with Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistants and Substance Abuse Prevention Experts that were previously trained with the Substance Abuse Prevention Program. By coordinating our work with public and private institutions and the civil society, we are able to use a comprehensive approach to address the issue of substance abuse and thus implement our training, prevention and dissemination actions in different environments. We are extremely pleased with the impact the initiative has had both with the kids and with the teachers."



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