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Comodoro Rivadavia | 01/12/2016
PAE Opens 3 Reading Corners in the Region in 2016
The company promotes reading habits among children through the “Family of Readers” Program and initiatives developed together with Fundación Leer.

As a result of the partnership between Pan American Energy (PAE) and Fundación Leer, the company opened three reading corners in different localities in the region within the framework of the “Family of Readers” Program. Participating institutions on this occasion were Escuela 135 from Sarmiento, Jardín (Kindergarten) 68 from Pico Truncado and the Rosa de Amaya Popular Library, from Trelew.

The proposal seeks to promote literacy and reading habits among children. To that end, librarians and teachers at different levels work together with the local families, who play a central role in encouraging the development of language and literacy in younger children.

“The process for one to become a reader is a complex one, and the school is only one of the many factors at play. It is important to continue this process at home, where each word is essential every time there is communication between family members, every time there is an exchange”, assured Patricia Mejalelaty, Executive Director from Fundación Leer.

Reading Corners are spaces in the institutions that teachers and librarians create and transform into informal and fun-filled corners to welcome the young readers. They include more than 300 new books for children, and travelling backpacks with didactic games and texts the children can read and share at home.
All the participating institutions highlighted the program’s value. Mónica Maldonado, a member of Rosa de Amaya Popular Library said «We revamped and painted the facilities. Pan American Energy gave us the chance to update the books we had and to add new educational material to our library. We are extremely thankful for that.”

The Director of Jardín Number 68, Azucena Sánchez, remarked “everybody involved worked really hard, not only the parents but the entire teaching staff, who helped us achieve the objective. We are really thankful to PAE for a proposal that allowed us to have our own Reading Corner, a space that we had wanted to have since we opened kindergarten. Thank you to all the people who made a contribution one way or another.”

 Meanwhile Silvia Barragán, from PAE, explained, “Family of Readers is a program that seeks to support the teachers in their task and has high added value, especially for the younger children and their families, since they will be able to access current texts that invite children to start reading as a kind of game. Through this initiative we help ensure that the kindergartens and primary schools in the region have their own space to encourage reading habits.”


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