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Comodoro Rivadavia | 25/12/2017
PAE’s SMEs Program completed its 12th year
In 2017, more than 180 courses, consultancy and technical assistance services were provided to different institutions and professionals in 7 cities throughout the country.

As a way of reinforcing its commitment to train and help develop entrepreneurs in the region, PAE's SMEs Program concluded the 2017 cycle with very good results.  As part of this effort, more than 32,000 hours of training were delivered in the form of 180 courses, training seminars and activities to more than 4,200 entrepreneurs and representatives from local companies.

During 2017, PAE's SMEs Program offered training workshops and activities related to innovation, entrepreneurship, tools for administrative and financial management, and technical proposals, among others. The activities were conducted in 7 cities in different parts of the country and were, for the most part, delivered by local consultants and professionals.

To develop and implement these initiatives, PAE's SMEs Program established strategic alliances with different entities in each location: with the Comodoro Conocimiento Agency, from Comodoro Rivadavia; with the Municipality in Rada Tilly, with the Agency for Productive Development in Sarmiento; with the Agency for Development and the Union of Hierarchical Petroleum Employees in Caleta Olivia; with the Department of Community Development in Pico Truncado and the SME Center –ADENEU in Neuquén. The program also partnered with different local and national consulting companies and institutions, such as Ambiente Global, IDEA, Infotec, INTI, IRAM, Gemest, Jammet, Management Patagonia, Coria Quintana, Selecta, Serial de la Torre, and VS Talent, among others.

The person responsible for PAE's SMEs Program, Juan Crespo, pointed out that "once again, we have concluded a year with a plethora of activities and proposals that have allowed us to meet most of the expectations in the community; we also deployed new training and assistance initiatives for the SMEs, and we expect to see the results by the end of 2018."

A key presence and innovative proposals

One of the most significant facts in 2017 was the support provided by the SMEs Program to Soldar-Tex (formerly known as Guildford) Cooperative Partnership, together with the Municipality of Comodoro Rivadavia, FORTE company – through its Aporte training business unit- and the Civil Association Ingenieros Sin Fronteras (Engineers Without Borders). By working together, these institutions helped retrain a group of workers, who became an example of resilience.   

Besides the training activities implemented, PAE's SMEs Program endorsed different innovative proposals in 2017. By way of example, it promoted the keynote speeches "Building ecosystems to innovate", by Nano Kigel; "The future of work", by Santiago Bilinkis; "How to develop innovative SMEs and prosper?", organized by Emprear; "Everything is possible if you set your mind to it", by Martín Kremenchuzky; and "Stress: the epidemics of the 21st century. Medical, Behavioral and Philosophical Approach", by Daniel López Rossetti, MD. The Program also supported the 2017 edition of the Mayma Awards in Patagonia and of Endeavor Experience in Neuquén.

Expectations for 2018

For 2018, the SMEs Program expects to continue sponsoring and organizing activities to satisfy local needs, and innovative proposals that create added value for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Speaking about the proposals for next year, Crespo stated "we are analyzing the results obtained in the different locations and the proposals offered by the different consulting firms and institutions, to determine the schedule of activities for next year, which we hope to be able to share in the first months of 2018."


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