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Comodoro Rivadavia | 12/12/2017
The initiative, which has been promoted by PAE since 2014, reached more than 14,600 people through the workshops and training sessions carried out by the Substance Abuse Prevention Network

With the construction and presentation of a geo-reference map, Nuevo Comodoro Foundation demonstrated the impact on the community of the different substance abuse prevention activities implemented. All the activities were conducted as part of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program, a joint Project implemented by the Foundation, Pan American Energy (PAE) and other strategic partners since 2014. This year, a Substance Abuse Prevention Network was developed, with 15 graduates from the Foundation between 2014 and 2016; more than 300 workshops were organized in more than 76 schools in Comodoro and Rada Tilly.

The Prevention Network includes 15 specialists who have been organizing workshops and training sessions since April to discuss the complex issue of substance at Neighborhood Associations, Healthcare Centers, the Prayer Center from School Domingo Savio, schools, neighborhood parishes, unions, municipal workers' centers, Teacher Training Institutions, and the Municipality and kindergartens in Rada Tilly.

To determine the action plan for the network, several meetings were held with different organizations during February and March, so as to agree on the critical and specific prevention issues to address.

This is an unprecedented initiative in the region, involving 15 Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistants from Nuevo Comodoro Foundation who delivered workshops and talks on prevention in institutions from Comodoro and Rada Tilly. Between May and November, 304 training sessions and workshops were delivered in 76 institutions in Comodoro and Rada Tilly. The program reached approximately 14,600 people either directly or indirectly through the activities conducted by the Prevention Network as part of the 2017 Substance Abuse Prevention Program.

The georeference

To demonstrate the impact achieved by the activities, Nuevo Comodoro Foundation developed a geo-referenced map. This is an interactive tool that shows and geolocalizes institutions, activities, workshops and members of the prevention network involved in each of the activities conducted. All the activities developed and implemented by the Foundation between 2014 and 2017 can also be found on the map.

The map can be consulted by any person who wishes to know the activities carried out by the Prevention Network in the different neighborhoods and how these activities have impacted the local community. The map will soon be uploaded on the Foundation's website, at, and there will a basic guide for users to learn how to surf the map and filter information.

"This issue should be addressed together with professionals and the State should support all related initiatives, making additional efforts so that each year the projects become increasingly ambitious," said the Deputy Mayor of Comodoro, Juan Pablo Luque, who participated in the presentation of the program's results, held last Tuesday at the WAM Hotel.

"We are extremely grateful for this project, implemented throughout 2017. We will surely have to reinforce strengthen our efforts for this kind of program to continue and endure, by coordinating the work of the private and the public sectors, especially in terms of resources, where – many times – the State cannot provide immediately," he stated.

For his part, the Mayor of Rada Tilly, Luis Juncos, thanked "the Foundation, which has allowed us to participate for the first time this year; several activities were conducted in the community, and with the schools, and the Neighborhood Watch team also received training. The task this amazing group of people have been performing for a long term is extremely important. We are honored to be able to work with them and the Municipality of Comodoro."

Meanwhile, the president of Nuevo Comodoro Foundation, Vladimiro Macharashvili, considered that this "another landmark in the 4 years the Program has been running, and it is a step towards 2018. That is what this moment represents."

Finally, the manager of Institutional Affairs at PAE, Gasón Malbos, highlighted the need to "keep up with this project that we started back in 2014, and see that it goes beyond the people that are here today. I consider that our greatest challenge is to establish continuity, and we will keep working along those lines."

A network with the community police and Rada Tilly's Neighborhood Watch

This year, 25 Community Police Officers from Comodoro and members of Rada Tilly's Neighborhood Watch were trained in "Community Prevention Tasks", to acquire the tools they need to successfully prevent substance abuse. During four meetings, these 25 officers received training on a proactive community model that helps prevent drug abuse, handle violent behavior, and address teenage violence, drugs and crime; femicide, gender violence, and violence associated with psychopathic disorders; how to handle anger and violent emotions; and how to address substance abuse and its effects on behavior. At the last meeting, an operating procedure was developed to allow officers to evaluate the risks and have the necessary information about the authorized rehabilitation and recovery centers in the city in case of an emergency.


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