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Comodoro Rivadavia | 14/06/2018
The EmprenDES Program advances in Comodoro Rivadavia
With 30 entrepreneurs from the Golfo San Jorge region, this proposal is promoted by PAE´s SMEs Program through Universidad Siglo 21

To further promote and maximize the development of the entrepreneurs in the Golfo San Jorge region, and as part of its SMEs Program, PAE supports the EmprenDES Program, which is recognized by the National Social Development Ministry. 

The EmprenDES Program seeks to provide local entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need to improve the design of their business ventures, their entrepreneurial capacity, and to maximize business opportunities.

Halfway through the course, the entrepreneurs have already been trained in Innovation, Management, Brand Communication, Sales and Work Ethics. From Universidad Siglo 21, the VP of Innovation, Research and Graduate Courses, Andrés Pallaro, pointed out, "The course topics have a sustainable and social perspective, which invites participants to be ready to 'do things right´ in terms of the role they have in the entrepreneurial system."

Talking about her experience in the program, Andrea Raquel Sesto, who owns a fresh fruit juice business in Caleta Olivia (province of Santa Cruz), noted, "This is helping us organize our business internally, bettering our understanding of those aspects of business we were not aware of, and thus helping us understand the entire business cycle, and venture into thinking of growth and expansion.  EmprenDES is providing us with several management tools that will add value to our business ventures."

Cristian Acosta, from Comodoro Rivadavia, who promotes an automated watering system that will also reduce water consumption both in the home and in public parks and companies, also talked about the program, and stated, "It is really a very good, very useful, and a high-quality project, similar to other initiatives that PAE promotes in the region. This time they are providing us with tools and methodologies that will help us improve our entrepreneurial ventures."

From the city of Sarmiento, entrepreneur Javier Pérez, who participates with a consulting company that develops investment and software projects, noted, "The proposal is really interesting, especially because it provides us with the tools and knowledge that will allow us to better manage and promote our business. We also acquiring skills to understand our potential clients and stakeholders´ emotions and state of mind and innovative tools that will help us understand where we should be headed as entrepreneurs, to add value to our business and not be left outside of today´s market or future markets."  

With these initiatives and its SMEs Program, PAE continues to help maximize the entrepreneurial spirit in the province of Chubut and in the north of Santa Cruz.


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