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Comodoro Rivadavia | 18/12/2018
Results of the 2018 edition of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program
This year more than 500 workshops have been organized, and the program was implemented in Sarmiento for the first time. Also, an agreement was signed with the Substance Abuse Prevention and Assistance Provincial Department.

Since 2014, Pan American Energy (PAE) and Nuevo Comodoro Foundation have been implementing a Substance Abuse Prevention Program. Both organizations will present the results of the various initiatives carried out in 2018 on December 20th, at 11.00 AM, at the Wam Hotel Patagónico, located in Comodoro.

This year, the Program and its Prevention Network developed their own training initiative as a special feature. This initiative took into consideration the needs of the local institutions, and was monitored by the Asistencia de Desórdenes de la Conducta (Assistance with Behavioral Disorders) Foundation. The results from the workshops delivered by the Prevention Network were measured by research methodology specialist Marta Bianchi.

In 2018, the Program broadened its scope and, at the request of the Municipality of Sarmiento, added the cities of Comodoro and Rada Tilly, where the Program organized both workshops and training sessions, and developed a community network in Sarmiento. Eleven (11) meetings were jointly organized by the municipality, the City Council, civil society organizations, members from the armed forces, schools, churches and other local institutions. Meanwhile, Rada Tilly also delivered training sessions and organized workshops in different institutions, as part of a joint initiative with the municipality and the Sports, Education and Health Departments.


One hundred and forty-four (144) workshops were delivered in local public schools and the Neighborhood Promotion Centers (CPB, by its acronym in Spanish). Nuevo Comodoro Foundation obtained the necessary score from the Education Ministry in Chubut to organize the "Puppets and Social Skills" training sessions, for 30 kindergarten teachers. The General Department of Social and Community Promotion from the Human Development and Family Department, coordinated by Graciela Schweighofer conducted 5 training sessions for those teachers that provide tutoring in the municipal CPBs. The initiative aims at strengthening teachers responsible from providing support tutorials in the CPBs located in San Martín, 30 de Octubre, Máximo Abasolo, Pte Ortiz, Stella Maris and Isidro Quiroga.

Community and Family

Two hundred and fifty-seven (257) workshops were organized in different community institutions in Comodoro, Rada Tilly and Sarmiento. For the second consecutive year, the local Police, merenderos (food kitchens), and Neighborhood Councils were trained in prevention tasks so that they can continue their work with both children and adults.

A total of 87 workshops were organized in the schools, churches and neighborhood centers to work with the local families.


Together with the Sports Department from the Municipality of Comodoro Rivadavia, the Prevention Network trained 330 sports coordinators in its 19 locations. The Network organized 8 meetings, focusing on prevention and substance abuse, and the participants were trained in the tools they need to successfully help citizens make prevention part of their daily lives, with small interventions.

Development of Intervention Protocols

Together with the Prevention Network, a Protocol was designed to be used by community institutions in cases of psychoactive substance abuse. As part of this initiative, workshops were delivered to the Community Police, to coordinate interventions.

A specific protocol was developed for schools, which was made available to the schools' Technical Supervision Teams.

Framework Cooperation Agreement

This year, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the Substance Abuse Prevention and Assistance Department in Chubut, so as to implement joint prevention activities. As part of this initiative, the "Sports and Art with Voice" with organized with representatives from SEDRONAR (National Department for Substance Abuse Prevention and Fight against Drug Trafficking), the Patagonian Symposium of Sciences Applied to Sports, and the Physical Council, and Geraldine Peronace, a specialist in substance abuse and how to deal with consumption in teenagers, delivered a public lecture. 


Martín Ancarola

Albertina Pugliese

Angie Giacchetta

Francisco Jamardo