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Have you ever dreamed of working for a company that promotes creativity, teamwork, mutual respect, continuous improvement and autonomy for making decisions? Have you ever thought of being part of the challenge of generating the energy that our country needs?
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Recruiment of new talent
Young Professionals
During the program, the young professionals take part in a training program that includes specific training sessions in the best educational institutions in the country. Then, they take part in a rotation scheme that exposes them to different company departments, and even geographic areas. Moreover, to maximize the experience, each young professional is assigned a tutor, an experienced PAE employee who is readily available to guide them throughout the program.
Professional Practice
We developed this project as a networking initiative with professionals at the global level; a program to promote cultural and professional exchanges and international educational experiences in highly technical environments. The program enables foreign students to familiarize themselves with the world of oil and gas, and offers them opportunities to visit our facilities and oil and gas fields in the country.
International Practice Program
Aimed at advanced university students of geology, geophysics or engineering, this program is organized and executed by partnering with different universities in the country. The program aims to provide students with the chance to work in the industry, get to know the context and learn about the company’s culture and dynamics. We also want the participants to acquire team working skills and to develop such values as responsibility, initiative and creativity.