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Support for Infrastructure
To respond to the specific needs of those communities where we live and work, we have revamped city buildings and made several donations. Some of the initiatives deployed in 2015 were:
Donation of Equipment to Vital Community Forces:
We donated equipment to the fire brigades in Caleta Olivia and Pico Truncado (Santa Cruz), and to those in Comodoro Rivadavia, Rada Tilly and Sarmiento (Chubut). The state-of-the-art firefighter gear included a self-contained breathing apparatus.

Water Test Laboratory:
We donated furniture, reactors, eyewash stations, an exhaust hood, a spectrophotometer and a hydrocarbon analyzer to the new Water Test Laboratory in Comodoro Rivadavia.

Remodeling of Sanitary Posts:
We completely remodeled the Emergency Room at Paraje Acambuco (Salta) and the Sanitary Post at Piquirenda, Acambuco, also located in Salta.

We also donated furniture to the Public Information Center at Comodoro Rivadavia; a minibus for the tours organized by the city; furniture and state-of the-art equipment to the Breathalyzer Calibration Laboratory in Comodoro; and the lighting system and a pool sweep for the municipal swimming facilities in Caleta Olivia, among other initiatives.