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Continuing Education Program for Nurses
In 2013, we set up a program based on the principle of Continuing Education in Health, promoted by the Pan American Health Organization. This program invests in educational opportunities sustained over time that help strengthen the quality of care and the development of protocols, clinical guidelines and safety standards for the provision of healthcare services. Moreover, it seeks to improve hospital resource management and to prevent the adverse effects associated with healthcare.
These initiatives strengthen the role of the nurse as a very important member of the healthcare team because of their direct contact with sick and healthy patients alike and as the entry door to the healthcare system.
Program participants include more than 1,500 nurses from Hospital Castro Rendón in Neuquén, from the Regional Hospital in Comodoro Rivadavia and from Juan Domingo Peron Hospital in Tartagal.
Algunos logros en números:
The overall incidence of phlebitis associated with peripheral venous acces was reduced.
of the 16 hospital services implement a patient identification protocol. At the beginning of the program was only 2.
was the incidence of patient falls, a parameter that was not even taken into account prior to the program's prediction.
it is possible to reduce the incidents and quasi incidents related to the administration of drugs oncological and of high irrigation.
that is, its total elimination, is the number of sentinel events recorded since the program was implemented. A "sentine event" is one that can cause a patient permanent damage or death for a cause other than the one that moistened their income.