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We actively promote the development of the communities located close to the areas where we operate.
Just in 2016, more than 300,000 people took part in some of our 67 programs.
Education and Culture

We seek to produce changes in education by implementing actions sustained over time. Our programs encompass initiatives for students, teachers, school managers and institutions, and we also support cultural projects.

PAE ScholarshipsDeveloping NetworksCultural PromotionMORE
Healt and Sports

We implement training programs for healthcare professionals. We donate state-of-the-art equipment to the most important public hospitals in the communities where we operate. We promote a healthy lifestyle and the practice of different sports.

Substance Abuse PreventionTraining Programs for NursesCreciendo juntos (Growing Together)
Fight against Dengue FeverMORE
Local Development

We deploy programs that promote work ethics and regional productive development. Our Pymes (SMEs) Program seeks to strengthen the value chain and to provide assistance to local institutions, to favor local development.

PAE SMEs ProgramCommunity Productive Unit
Support to Infrastructure

We support initiatives to preserve endangered species and implement actions to raise awareness about how to take care of our environment in the communities located close to the areas where we operate

Hooded Grebe ProjectGreen Macaw Project
Magellanic Penguin ProjectMORE