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Academic Refresher Graduate Course for Teachers

This Graduate Course seeks to update teachers’ knowledge and skills with contributions from the latest technological and scientific developments, and it also offers participants training in different strategies so that they can critically review and successfully face the challenges posed by 21st Century classrooms. The project has been made possible thanks to the concerted efforts of the Educational Council of the province of Santa Cruz, the provincial Education Ministry, and Pan American Energy.

Currently, 50 teachers from Comodoro Rivadavia are attending the course and will join the 73 teachers who have already completed the graduate program.

A Horizon of Science
The “A Horizon of Science” Program seeks to promote scientific and technical vocations, and to foster the curiosity of secondary school students from Chubut, Santa Cruz and Neuquén. During one week, the students participated in a camp and practiced intense physical, intellectual, scientific activities with scientists and Physical Education teachers. In 2016, 46 students were part of the initiative.
Language Training and Training in IT

With these initiatives we aim to promote social and labor market inclusion, to improve the employability of the adult population and diversify employment opportunities for the inhabitants at Piquirenda Estación, Yacuy, Acambuco, Chorrito and Campamento Vespucio (Salta).

By providing training courses in IT, English and different skilled trades, in 2016, 470 adults and young people benefited.

Graduate Refresher Course for Journalists
PAE and the School of Journalism from St Andrew’s University offer this course which seeks to equip journalists with the tools they need to plan their tasks and produce and edit news in the current context of up-to-the-minute information. This Refresher Course caters to journalists and communicators from the communities located close to the areas where we operate.
Schools Administrators set the standard
School administrators and supervisors play a key role in terms of improving the educational opportunities offered, and this project focuses on providing them with the necessary training and support. The project seeks to enhance the quality of the local and provincial educational systems. Administrators from 41 educational institutions and local supervisory/ supervising/ supervisor teams took part in this initiative, implemented for the first time in Caleta Olivia (Santa Cruz) in 2015.
Schools for Change
This program promotes the exchange of ideas between school administrators, principals, supervisors and teachers from the schools in Golfo San Jorge. Our objective is for the school to take on a central role and to enable access to contents that go beyond mere instruction, proposing that the schools acts as the place to apply what each participant has learned through his or her personal experience.
The Puente (Bridge) Project
The Bridge Project aims to reduce the digital divide and promote labor inclusion. Program participants learn how to repair IT equipment and maximize their use and, once optimized, the equipment is donated to non-profit organizations. In 2016, approximately 350 equipment units were donated to local educational institutions.
Alisa’s Kingdoms
This program seeks to develop healthy eating habits in children by means of recreational activities. The children play a game that teaches them, their families and teachers how to use the new Food Guides produced in Argentina.