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Sustance abuse prevention program
The strategic alliances with Nuevo Comodoro Foundation, the Assistance in Behavior Disorders (ADC) Association and the municipal and provincial governments help us ensure our substance abuse prevention program focuses on training the relevant actors and on setting up forums to discuss how this problem is impacting different communities. The initiative encompasses five important projects:
University Course for Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistants
University Course for Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistants Delivered by the Assistance in Behavior Disorders (ADC) Association and endorsed by the National University of Córdoba, this course is aimed at professionals and ordinary citizens who do not directly work to combat substance abuse. The course seeks to provide participants with the relevant technical knowledge so that they can become well-rounded professionals. So far, 102 Therapeutic Rehabilitation Assistants have graduated from the course. Currently, the ADC is conducting supervised professional practice sessions to provide a model for both collective and individual development of projects that can later be replicated in the field.
Training Course on Substance Abuse Preventive Intervention in the Workplace
A training course was delivered to help participants identify clear signs of substance abuse in the workplace. The course is aimed at supervisors, delegates and representatives from the Private Oil and Gas unions in Chubut, Managers and the trade unions which are part of the Regional Confederation of Labor (CGT).
Training and Support for Preventive Intervention in Schools Program
The course offers teachers, school administrators, hall monitors and administrative staff both in public and private schools the chance to address this complex issue and analyze its impact in the classroom. The main objective is for the participants to develop strategies and become effective agents of substance abuse prevention. In 2015, 82 teachers from Comodoro Rivadavia completed the course, and a group of teachers and therapeutic rehabilitation assistants are already executing intervention projects in different schools in the area. In 2015, fifteen (15) prevention projects were implemented in schools in Comodoro Rivadavia.
Public Forums for Open Discussion in the Community
The initiative encompasses the development of discussion forums that raise awareness within the community members and invite them to reflect upon the issue of substance abuse. In 2015, three talks were delivered by teachers from the Course for Substance Abuse Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Mental Health Assistants, organized by Nuevo Comodoro Foundation. Also, Graduate Refresher Courses are offered for Substance Abuse Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Mental Health Assistants.
Workshops for Students
The proposal seeks to raise awareness about substance and alcohol consumption in teenagers by means of didactic games that link theoretical knowledge with personal experience, and it has been organized for students from first, second and third year in secondary school. The project, coordinated with the provincial Education Ministry, has already reached more than 8,500 teenagers with 170 workshops organized in schools located in Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly.