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PAE Pymes (SMEs) Program
For more than 11 years, we have promoted this unprecedented, unique-in-scope business development program. Through PAE SMEs Program we provide support to small- and medium-sized regional companies from the oil and gas sector and related industries.

By providing SMEs with technological, industrial, commercial and financial advice, we help them to:

  • Certify their processes
  • Adopt a more professional approach to managing their business
  • Develop their products and services
Main Lines of Action

Project Development

We promote innovation, import substitution and business partnership projects that are developed by PAE or the local SMEs.

Open Training Opportunities

We offer courses and workshops to different industries and at different organizational levels.

In-company Consulting

We provide in-company consulting services to those providers that we have determined have opportunities for improvement or have a weakness that must be corrected in order to achieve the highest industry-specific quality standards.


Our agreement with Garantizar SGR means our providers in Golfo San Jorge can access loans on very favorable terms using the contracts they have signed with PAE as collateral.


We provide support and assistance to entrepreneurs from all productive sectors of the economy who wish to launch a new business or want to adopt a more professional approach to managing their business.

Results for 2016

In 2016, PAE SMEs Program concluded its tenth consecutive year with very good results. In this vein, more than 41,490 hours of training were delivered in the form of 175 courses, training seminars and activities to more than 2,800 entrepreneurs and representatives from local companies.