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Magallanes Penguin project

The Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus Magellanicu), discovered by the Spaniards during their first expeditions to the southern cone of the Americas, is a symbol of Patagonia. Together with Temaiken Foundation, the National University of Patagonia Austral and the Wildlife Conservation Society, we are conducting a program to preserve the species, an icon of our southern seas.

The objective is to conduct a thorough study of the Magellanic Penguin’s ecology, the factors affecting its reproduction, its dietary habits and eating behavior, and the main threats it faces, so as to promote the conservation of marine flora and fauna.

In 2016, the company organized the workshop “Young People and the Sea” at National University of Patagonia Austral in the Caleta Olivia Academic Unit (UNPA-uaco), to foster the curiosity and interest of high school students from Caleta Olivia in marine wildlife conservation.