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Community production unit
With the focus on two communities from different regions in the country but with similar characteristics, we target our efforts to maximize the potential of different community business ventures by providing training, infrastructure and commercial and financial advice.
Piquirenda Fátima Aboriginal Community (Acambuco, Salta)
We promoted the setting up of four groups who work to produce jams, and who engage in agriculture, breeding and raising bees, and breeding pigs. In total, we delivered 17 training seminars to 18 families on the varying topics. Each year, the groups consolidate the work they do, and the approach they have towards managing their business ventures becomes more professional: from a new irrigation system in the case of the group devoted to agriculture to adapting a stove to produce jam in accordance with provincial regulations, to the increase in the number of beehives in the case of the beekeepers, to the revamping of facilities in the case of the swine breeders.
The Nueva España Neighborhood Cooperative (Centenario, Neuquén)
This group started their business by producing jam, and has now achieved the legal status of a cooperative. Today, they also produce lunch boxes for the employees working in the companies located in Neuquén’s Industrial Park. PAE provides training, legal and administrative advice and invests in infrastructure to support this project, which reaches a significant number of families in the region.