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Since 2002, PAE’s Environmental Management System has been certified under ISO 14001 Standard, which shows that we are fully committed to taking care of the environment. To this end, we focus on five pillars:
Biodiversity: to be studied and fully preserved
In order to protect biodiversity, we study the dynamics between our operations and the ecosystems in which we operate together with universities, NGOs and renowned professionals. Our aim is to understand the better understand the relationship between our operations and the surrounding environment and avoid any type of impact. We have conducted relevant and unprecedented studies, such as surveying and characterizing the flora, fauna and the soils in Golfo San Jorge y Neuquén.
Soil: a solution for each type
We seek to minimize the impact on the soil by implementing the best practices for managing this resource. Avoiding erosion, minimizing land clearing and preserving soil fertility are of utmost priority during our operations. This also implies designing solutions for soils as diverse as the Patagonia Steppe or the Yungas natural forests in the North.
Water: a resource to monitor closely
We implement a program to monitor the water that shows it´s status in greater detail and detect potential variations in their quality. The programs to minimize water consumption, to treat effluents and reuse water involved in production processes are a daily part of the company´s activities.
Greenhouse Effect Gas Emissions
We have implemented a system to measure and report greenhouse effect gas emissions.
Sustainable Waste Management
We optimize the entire waste management chain, seeking to minimize the generation of waste and improving sorting, collection, treatment and final disposal.