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Safe Operation

Our continuous work on safety has translated into a safety-based culture. By complying with the most stringent standards, we protect the people, the environment and our assets. Moreover, many of our efforts aim to share our safety-based culture with contractors, suppliers and other producing companies.

Our safety policies and procedures are aligned to the international concepts that are adopted by in the Centers of Excellence of which we are members, such as IOGP (International Oil & Gas Producers), CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) and the ICSI (Institute for a Culture of Industrial Safety).


Our work continuously focuses on improving our safety-based culture, and we understand this effort must involve a number of different areas: Pan American Energy employees, our contractors, and the communities located close to our operations.

One of our pillars is the commitment of all company sectors. Every year, Management and all the operational areas follow through on their commitment, which includes visits to the fields, behavior observation, audits and the organization of forums or committee review sessions, among other activities.


Moreover, each employee is required to and has to authority to stop a task if they consider that conditions are unsafe. We train our personnel and our contractors so that they can identify risks and address the risks associated with the different jobs.

Our Golden Rules provide our workers with the guidelines on how to act in case of potentially dangerous situations.


Just in 2015, our employees and contractors drove approximately 100,000,000 kilometers, which is the equivalent of 2,500 trips around the world.

This forces us to implement a strict vehicle safety plan focusing on three pillars:

  • The vehicle: we train our drivers in defensive driving and monitor their driving speed by means of a GPRS installed in the vehicles.
  • The driver: capacitamos a los conductores en manejo defensivo y monitoreamos las velocidades de circulación a través de GPRS instalados en los vehículos.
  • The roads: we monitor their condition and evaluate potential risks.

Process Security Management is a part of the security management, related to major hazards. It is set of interrelated approaches to managing the hazards associated with individual processes and aims to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents arising from the release of energy by applying desing principles, engineering and proper operating practices

Althougth our main focus is the prevention of incidents, we train to be able to give an effective response in case something not go as planned. Our Incident Management System is based on an unified command model

Annually we exercise different types of scenarios together with Firefighters, Civil Defense and other entities and companies in the areas where we operate